The 2 Alpine Summits


Thailand Mountain Trail has spent several years to investigate the most remote mountain trails in Northern Thailand before creating TMT01, the first Thai Great Route and long footpath of the country. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of those areas and long relationship with local people, our organization is the only one to bring runners and trekkers in those mountains.

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This 2-day trip will lead us to the last part of TMT01 in the highest mountain range of Thailand. Chiang Dao is a mysterious and fascinating mountain barely unknown from the tourists. The routes we have relived go around and through the whole massif. It’s a privilege to run in such areas on wild trails with nobody around. It’s like discovering a new world.

Characteristics of the Trip

6,950 THB

All-inclusive price

2 Days



Elevation Gain



Trail Tour

Trip Type

Run & Discover

Start: Chiang Dao (1h30 transfer)
Finish: Chiang Dao (1h30 transfer)
90% single-track trail / 10% double-track trail
Highlights: Karstic mountains, Summits, Lisu villages
1 night in bamboo huts in a Lisu village
Duration: 5-6 running hours a day
Including accommodation, drinks, meals, transfers, guide
Pick up & Drop off at your hotel (city center)
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Available on request
Subject to National Park authorization

1st Day

25K 1’700M+

The 1st day of the trip leads us to the summit of Doi Chiang Dao. Standing out against the sky, mysterious and fascinating, Chiang Dao is the only alpine mountain range in Thailand. Of all the high mountains of the country it is also the most imposing and the most inaccessible. From the start at the foothills of the massif there begins a long climb through rocks and tropical forest in a majestic alpine décor.

It’s now a 10 kilometers hike / run trough a beautiful plateau surrounded by 2000m-high peaks. In the distance far away stands the summit of Doi Luang. We have to tackle with a 1500-metre elevation gain inside the tooth-shaped massif to reach the summit. The climb is not too steep and technical, but it’s a long ascent to 2225m above the sea level in a magnificent setting.

At the summit the scenery is wonderful. It’s a long view on a series of steep peaks and high hills all round. It looks like we are at the center of Thailand and we can observe the whole country. After a long break to enjoy this moment, we start to run back on the same trail then we use a different route on a long technical way down until the valley. This new way gives us the opportunity to observe the whole mountain range from another side.

After 1500m elevation loss, we finally reach the final village. It’s a traditional Lisu village that offers a privileged view on the whole mountain range of Chiang Dao. We will spend the night there in bamboo huts in a family whose TMT has developed strong links with. Food is excellent and atmosphere is great; the night will be sweet and cool at the foothills of the mountains.

2nd Day

25K 1’400M+

In the morning of the 2nd day we continue our trip by entering the large valley of Nong Khatae. Down in the valley we are surrounded by 3 big and imposing mountains: Doi Chiang Dao in the back, Doi Nong Khatae on the left and Doi Nang Non, the sleeping lady mountain and our objective, in the front. It’s one of the best places we know to observe the high mountains of Thailand and no other tourists have never heard of it.

After a wonderful way up in the jungle across large rocky boulders, we enter deeply in the valley of Nong Khatae and say good bye to the Doi Chiang Dao massif that offers us its best side. We reach a very remote and poor Lisu village at the foothill of Doi Nang Non, our next objective.

The way up to Doi Nang Non is steep and narrow and offers at its top a great view on the valley and the small Lahu village. We pass on areas near the summit at 1700m high that were previously famous for poppies crops. This time is now over so we can enjoy these trails peacefully. Finally we tackle a long way down to reach the valley of Chiang Dao, our final point.


Na Lao Mai is a small Lisu village that benefits from its unique location at the foothill of the mountain range of Chiang Dao. The view from the village on the mountains and the atmosphere of the place are unique. The weather in Na Lao Mai is also much colder than in the rest of the country. We will stay in bamboo huts owned by local Lisu families and will enjoy dinner and breakfast at their home with a magnificent view on the mountains.