The 2 Summits


Thailand Mountain Trail has spent several years to investigate the most beautiful and the most interesting mountain trails of Northern Thailand. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of areas and people, we are the only agency in Chiang Mai to bring runners on those trails.

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This route at the doorsteps of the city was discovered three years ago. It’s a long run up to the 2 highest summits of Chiang Mai, Doi Suthep and Doi Pui located at 1650m above the sea level. It has some great running parts in jungle, tropical forests and pines trees. It’s quite challenging but the open views on the valleys and mountains around at the top is a great reward.

Characteristics of the Trip

2,250 THB

All-inclusive price

1 Day



Elevation Gain



Trail Tour

Trip Type

Run & Discover

Start: Chiang Mai
Finish: Chiang Mai
90% single-track trail
Highlights: Jungle, Pine forest, Summits
1 Station at mid-distance
Duration: 6-7 running hours
Including drinks, snacks, meals, transfers, NP fee, guide
Pick up & Drop off at your hotel (city center)
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Additional day available on request
Available all year round

Details of the Day

29K 1’800M+

The trip leaves Chiang Mai on a trail that goes up in the mountains alongside a beautiful stream. When the forest opens, we enjoy a beautiful view down to the valley of Chiang Mai. We are still far from the summits; the muscles are still cold when the path goes steeper. It’s now a long climb up straight into the forest on a rocky trail. After 7k and 1000m elevation gain. finally we reach a Hmong village at the foothills of the 2 summits.

After a short break at the Hmong village, the run starts to climb again and the slope gets progressively harder. In distance stands the summit of Doi Pui, one of the two objectives of the day. Further up we can observe the mountain ridge in a tooth shape and the 2nd summit, Doi Suthep. It’s gonna be a long hike before we reach the top and enjoy a great view a 360°.

After a new climb and a run alongside the ridge, finally we reach the summit at 1650m high. On the east side the view over the valley of Chiang Mai is panoramic and imposing. On the west side as far as we can see, it is an ocean of green mountains. We will make a break here at the top of Chiang Mai to enjoy some food and rest before the last drop.

After reaching the summits, we enjoy a great way down in a beautiful jungle. The undulating path is dense and technical on some parts. In many places it is punctuated by cut or fallen bamboo tree trunks. It’s important to run relaxed and focused to avoid any fall. It’s like playing with the ground; it requires mindfulness and confidence to find the right steps down.

The long way down will lead us directly back to Chiang Mai. The closer we are from the city, the wilder the jungle becomes. It’s more and more technical and running can be sometimes difficult, especially with tired legs. Finally we reach a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the forest. We are not far from the finish point.